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If you want to discover the Persian treasure, travel to Iran in the spring.

Iran Ispahan

Itinerary Le trésor de la Perse
Suggest in Summer

Far from the heat of the central part of Iran it is good to discover the beauties of the Iranian northwest in a refreshing climate.

Iran Guilan

Itinerary Northwest

The one who does not know what the silence of the desert is, does not understand the silence.

Iran Desert

Itinerary Desert

What a pleasure to swim in the waters of the Persian Gulf to the south while it snows in the rest of Iran!

Iran Bam

Itinerary Persian Gulf


"The world is the body and Iran is its heart ".

Nezami Ghanjavi  

 Great Persian poet in the 12th century


Iran is a country that lies at the intersection of several worlds (Arabic, Turkish, Indian, Russian). At the meeting point of several areas (Middle East, Central Asia, Caucasus, Indian subcontinent, Persian Gulf area), between the three seas (the Caspian Sea, the Persian Gulf, the Arabian Sea), it is placed at the center of a vast territorial, historical and cultural complex which constitutes a particular world .

This great country has had a history of considerable thickness. Susa was one of the first cities of humanity, the Achaemenes Empire was one of the largest and most brilliant in history, notably by the tolerance with which it was able to encompass the multi-ethnic world on which it reigned. On the religious level, Iran was one of the most inventive and productive centers, with Mazdeism, Zoroastrianism, Christianity, and finally Islam, which was irrigated by Persian poetic, mystical and romantic literature.

It is through its Iranian inscription that Islam has stimulated science, technical discoveries, and medicine. It was at this time that the Islamic world got its most beautiful artistic forms.

Ancient Iran bequeathed to Islam the nobility of its architectures, its fascination for gardens, animals, birds, its taste of color with its ceramics, its literature which encompasses all genres, stories, epics, poetry, lyrical and mystical .

Join us in the shortest time enough to acquaint you with the history and culture of Iran.

Located inTehran

In a square near the old royal district and the Grand Bazaar, there is a complex that includes several palaces.

Iran Golestan Palace

Located in Isfahan

The royal square (meydan-e naqsh-e Jahan) was built during the Safavid dynasty, so that it would be a symbolic center of political power, commercial and religious; It was also used for celebrations and festivals.

IranThe royal square

Located in Shiraz

Persepolis is undoubtedly one of the most important archaeological sites in the world. It is located north of Marvdasht, 57 kilometers from Shiraz.


Located inYazd

Place Amir Flint Place Amir Flint Place Amir Flint Place Amir Flint Place Amir Flint Place Amir Flint Place Amir Flint

IranPlace Amir Flint

Located inKerman

The dome of Jabalieh has an octagonal structure and plays an important role in the archaeological history of Iran.


Located inSuse

Zanbil is an ancient temple at the time of Elam (Elamites belonging) and about 1250 BC have been made.

Iran Choghazanbil

Located in Hamedan

Hamadan is one of the oldest cities in the world. It is possible that it is occupied by the Assyrians in 1100 BC.

Iran Hegmataneh

Located inKermanshah

The world's largest Bisotun inscriptions inscriptions, the earliest known text of Persia and of the Achaemenid dynasty Inscription in Kermanshah city functions Harsin thirty kilometers from the city is on Mount Behistun.

Iran Bisotun




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Noyan Pars

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